Leaving Apple Airpods for Amazon’s Echo Buds

One of the best earphones I’ve ever had is Apple Airpods. It’s lightweight, has great audio, and overall, has great quality. Yet as I’m committed to abandoning the Apple ecosystem one device at a time, I’m moving away from the Apple Airpods and into Amazon’s latest Echo Buds. 

In this vlog, I’m going to share why I’m all in on it!

Do you have an Amazon Echo Buds, too? Share with us your thoughts about it!


The ROI of Social Media

Through the years, I’ve been using social media for my marketing clients and for my own brand. I often get asked what its ROI is. While sales, conversion and web traffic can easily be named, I think the ROI goes beyond these. In my latest vlog, I share with you what I have learned that may help you or your organization. What do you think is the best ROI of social media? I’d definitely love to hear from you too!


Have You Heard About Facebook's New App: Lasso?

With our lives always connected to smartphones, Facebook has taken advantage of it by adding apps to its family every now and then. In this vlog, I share with you Facebook’s newest app, ‘Lasso’. If you haven’t heard of it, watch my vlog as I show you around this new social network, especially for the younger users.

3 LinkedIn Innovations to Pay Attention to in 2019

New things are happening on LinkedIn, and in rolling out its latest features, it has become more than just a platform for resumes and job hunting. In the latest episode of my vlog, I share with you the 3 LinkedIn innovations and the unique opportunities these offer.